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Garden Grace

One spring day, I worked in the front garden, filling in squirrel holes and looking for new growth. My garden project for that day was to place two shepherd’s hooks that would eventually hold wind chimes or garden baubles—something whimsical … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Cardinals

Cami and I love nature. We’ll take 30 minutes to watch a caterpillar eat on a leaf, or a spider spin-wrap its prey, or a toad hide in the grass. By far, our favorite nature activity is bird watching. Lately, … Continue reading

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The Day I Delivered the Moon Pies

One Sunday at church, an acquaintance asked my husband, “Do you think your wife would be interested in seeing Beth Moore speak at the Pentagon?” WOULD I??!?!? This gentleman arranged for me and two other ladies to hear Mrs. Beth … Continue reading

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