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When Power and Sleep Don’t Mix

Sometimes Cami has trouble going to sleep at night because her brain is so full. Years ago, in a moment of silently-breathed prayer (“Lord, how can I help her go to sleep??”), God inspired me with an art therapy for … Continue reading

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Easter Conversations

“Mom, are those macaronis done?” I stirred the blue box of macaroni and cheese, adding sharp cheddar cheese a little at a time. “I’m stirring them now, Honeybear.” “Mmmmmmmm, they sure smell good.” Underneath the silence, I could hear the … Continue reading

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The Easter Gospel

I am grateful for this place to write and for the time you take to read this blog. I don’t take this privilege lightly. On the contrary, I believe this space matters greatly in God’s economy. So I want to … Continue reading

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Back Off, Jack

A friend and I were comparing signs of how our children are growing up and branching out into adulthood. He talked about the choosing-a-college process and the decision-making skills that his son is cultivating. I talked about the moments when … Continue reading

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By Any Other Name

I have a confession to make. Most people don’t know my name. The federal government does. And the people at the bank. And my parents. Most people know me as “Candi.” But that isn’t my real name. My husband’s best friend … Continue reading

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The Right Size

As far back as I can remember, I’ve thought of myself as overweight. Indeed, for many years, I have been overweight. A few summers ago, I embarked on a journey to reach the weight which God designed my body to carry. In … Continue reading

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Nobody Works Like Him

In John chapter 5 verse 17, Jesus told the Jews, “My Father is always working, and I am working also.” In Psalm 86, verses 8 through 10, David says, “There is none like You among the gods, O Lord, nor … Continue reading

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Lessons From a Carrot Cake

Some traditions are worth keeping. Here’s a post from 5 years ago that’s still relevant for our lives. And it’s actually my husband’s birthday today, so the carrot cake is served. Enjoy! Lessons From a Carrot Cake November 3, 2013 … Continue reading

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The Mommy Power

We’re headed tomorrow to meet up with family in another state, so I’m posting a Way-Back-Wednesday instead of a Throwback-Thursday post from the Candi archives. Although this event happened in June 2011, I find the encouragement for myself more timely and … Continue reading

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Confessions From One Tired Momma

Just wanted to let y’all know where we are with Cami and all the stuff happening with the Virginia Dickersons this summer. Because we need your prayers. First of all, thank you for praying for wisdom, discernment, knowledge, peace, and faith … Continue reading

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