When Power and Sleep Don’t Mix

Sometimes Cami has trouble going to sleep at night because her brain is so full. Years ago, in a moment of silently-breathed prayer (“Lord, how can I help her go to sleep??”), God inspired me with an art therapy for her, which I only pulled out on the most desperate occasions. As she grows into adulthood, she still takes advantage of this little trick: if your brain is too full, empty the thoughts out onto paper.

One Thursday evening, bedtime arrived at 9:00 p.m. Cami really tried to fall asleep, quietly snuggling her favorite stuffed animals, listening to homemade CDs of her favorite music, breathing deeply and evenly. Nothing worked.

Finally, after hours of my checking on her and encouraging her to keep waiting for sleep, she asked if she could draw “just one picture, Mom. Then it won’t be in my brain anymore. It will be on the paper.”

This image shows what was in her brain at 1:00 a.m. that Friday morning:

Thank You, Jesus, for the grace to let my girl be who she is, for the insight into how to help her live fully in her skin.

Seriously. How can a girl sleep with all that power in her head?

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